Clinical sign and symptom emojis are updated.

A new set of emojis are published on the website. These emojis are improved in graphic, design and chronology. These emojis are the final set of general icons and almost all of general signs and symptoms are illustrated. But, it should be mentioned that these illustrations are not yet circulated among the physicians and the extent of agreement and consensus of medical society about the emoji concepts is already under investigation.

Many doctors and nurses use smartphones for texting about their patients. So, it seems crucial to develop icons for clinical communication of the medical doctors and nurses about their clinical discussions. It should be tested that using the best icons can reduce the time, enhance the process and make it more user-friendly to send and receive the messages discussing a clinical scenario.

This is a suggested clinical emoji for Bloating, a digestive symptom that is presented by showing bubbles on the swallowed belly.
This is a suggested clinical emoji for Chest pain representing an small face presenting pain on the chest by hand and arrows.

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