Assadi R et al. created the first series of Clinical Emoji

The idea of creating of clinical and medical emoji are developed from years ago. Then Dr Reza Assadi, assistant professor of Epidemiology in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences started working on these icons. After three years the first series of these icons was ready and published. As there are presented in this website, the clinical emojis are various in type and are not following a unique face-based structured of the initial emojis. It was not easy to create these icons as there are many different types of signs and symptoms that should be representative of that phenomena by most of the observers. It is like routine emojis that mostly their concept understood in the first visit.

Dr Reza Assadi, and colleagues developed the emojis for the first time

These emojis are developed by sessions held by graphic designers and medical doctors and then have been circulated several times among the clinicians to reach an acceptable consensus. But, still the feedback form is open and we expect the colleagues all around the world to fill in this form and provide as with their feedback about how we will discuss our patients in future.

“Clinical sign and symptoms are presented by series of emojis that need massive improvement before becoming viral”

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